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Kidzapp Sat-Wed 10:00 to 23:00, Thu-Fri until 00:00 Kidzapp Kidzapp The Dubai Mall, Downtown, Downtown / Business Bay

This indoor cityscape theme park comes complete with paved streets, buildings - even its own economy - and lets your boys and girls role-play more than 40 different real-world professions and learn in a fun way.

While the kiddies are having their fun, guardians can lounge it out while enjoying free internet access, a TV lounge, and a café with yummy options.


A city created just for your kids, KidZania is made up of mini versions of real-life sectors which they can explore:

Education -- The University prepares your children for higher education, giving them a chance to get a degree in their chosen field and earn more kidZos. For more specialist training, the Acting Academy gives children an introduction to different roles, building their communication and confidence skills as they produce a talent show and street dance at the city clock.

Entertainment -- Kids take centre stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania, which hosts various shows throughout the day. At the radio station, kids can try their hand at the exciting role of being a radio jockey, broadcasting live for the citizens of KidZania.

Food & Beverages -- Just like a real city, there are lots of places to eat and drink in KidZania. But unlike the outside world, children can get involved in the cooking, from making healthy recipes as a mini chef at Mum Mum to flipping burgers at McDonald’s to creating their own pizzas at Pizza Express.

Health -- KidZania Hospital introduces kids to every element of healthcare, with lessons in anatomy, empathy, bed-side care, surgery and the nursery room, where they learn about the gentle care of newborn babies. Brushing, flossing and oral examinations are the main focus at the Dental Clinic, as children develop communication skills, build confidence and learn how to look for cavities, just like a real dentist.

Industry -- Teamwork is crucial with industrial jobs, and kids will learn this, among other skills as they learn about fermentation and pasteurization at Al Ain Farms and become mini Willy Wonkas at the Kinder Chocolate Factory. The Lacnor Milk Factory gives kids a fun insight into the dairy industry, and they can try two different roles at the Aquafina Bottling Plant.

Media -- Little broadcasters are born at the Radio Station, where children work together, learning how to produce radio shows and report news bulletins which are played on the airwaves throughout the city for everyone to hear.

Retail -- Money management continues at the Department Store, with cashier and stock manager roles giving children confidence in financial literacy, while visitors to the store can spend their kidZos just like money in the real world.

Services -- The service industry is the beating heart of society. The Rove Hotel gives children a glimpse of the hospitality industry, from reservation and check-in to serving food and housekeeping. Little ones can keep the city safe too, with roles at Governmental services such as Dubai Customs, and the Dubai Police Station, where they can improve their alertness as well as attention to details skills.

Transportation -- Every child arriving at KidZania must check-in and get their city map at the Emirates Airlines check-in desks, and they can also go back and discover how a real Airport and Aircraft work. The RTA City Bus Tour gives children a layout of the city and teaches little ones how to ride safely on a bus alone, while kids feeling a little more independent can get a driving licence at Emirates Driving Institute and take to their city streets themselves at KidZania’s Driving Streets.

Games -- Kids can test their sports skills at table foosball and billiards in the Games Room, where children can hang out with new friends they've made during their day at KidZania. The new KidZania Titans can also test your kids physical abilities on a challenging obstacle course.


Activity Prices

KidZania - Admission Tickets

(Tickets valid for 6 months from purchase)

Adult (17yrs+)

AED 69

Child 4-16yrs (Economy)

AED 179

Toddler 2-3yrs

AED 89

Baby 0-1yr

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Absolutely real life feel

  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time a month ago

An overall amazing experience for kids! So much fun, entertainment & learning in one place. The kid can be whatever she/he wanna be: doctor, pilot, firefighter, policeman, actor! Absolutely real life feel! Definitely worth it & thank you so much Kidzapp for making it easier for us to book! 💕



  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time 4 months ago

Super cool 👍😁😁😁♥️



  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time 3 months ago

Very entertaining and educational experience for the kids



  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time 3 months ago

My kids always have a blast here. Take a day out so that you can spent the whole day there and let the kids earn enough money to buy themselves a gift.


a must do experience

  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time a month ago


Super fun day out

  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time a month ago

It’s honestly a whole other world in there - where was all this when I was a child? I’m almost convinced that my hubby and I decided to have kids just so we could visit KidZania. 😂 Our little one is still quite young, so we’ll most likely head back there when he gets a bit older so he can enjoy it more. But still, we had an awesome time! Top faves was the department store and fireman station!


Super fun

  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time a month ago

My kids wouldn't stop talking about their experience and I've taken them there several times now. The place is large and there are many activities to do where they do pretend jobs such as a Doctor, a driver (they get a cute driver's license), pizza maker, etc. Kidzania is definitely a place your kids would love.


you and the kids will love it

  • 4.8 ratings 5 Love it!
  • time a month ago

Ive taken the kids to Kidzania many times now. A ton of great activities, really gives them a feel for what actual jobs are like! I love the supermarket in particular, as when I was young that was the favorite thing to do with my parents - go grocery shopping with them. Your kids can actually be a cashier at the kids grocery store- and serve other kids who are doing the shopping! It’s great seeing the little ones working together - they can be fire fighters, police, post workers, racing racing drivers and much more!



  • 4.8 ratings 3 Like it
  • time a year ago

Hi I am confused about child’s price . Aed 85 is applicable for child below 4 years old or all kids up to 16 years old??


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