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Head indoors for a bit of adventure and enjoy the thrill of trying to exit escape rooms, with this unique concept coming all the way from Hungary.

Gather your family and friends, and bond over finding clues and solving puzzles that help you escape the exciting rooms in just 60 minutes! You might find yourself in a Haunted Room surrounded by the spirits of tortured souls long gone with time closing in your chance to escape them; or you're in a battle against your own dark side in Studio 113, struggling to escape with the real you intact.

You might even be on a quest to steal pirate treasure from the lost city of Atlantis; or battling corrupt police officers to uncover the culprit behind a gruesome murder at a Crime Scene; you might just end up on the wrong side of the law and attempt a Jail Break.

In all cases, it's only 60 minutes on the clock, and you don't know if you've got what it takes...

Your little ones can stay occupied in their designated kids area, or explore the art studio where they can paint, doodle or sketch on different canvas sizes to create some beautiful masterpieces.

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your kiddo's birthday? Hungarian Games has several birthday party packages that offer something truly exciting for you and your birthday kiddos!

**Call venue on +971 54 446 7008 and confirm availability of room prior to booking


1. STUDIO 113
In the darkened corners of your mind, a familiar voice is howling and shrieking. Your own dark side has come calling, and you have only 60 minutes before it takes over your apartment. Can you keep your sanity and find a way out?

You are behind bars, arrested on the charge of stealing valuable artifacts. The police are momentarily away. Can you escape from jail, and find and recover the stolen artifacts before they return? You only have sixty minutes to clear your name.

This one is not for the faint-hearted! You don’t believe in ghosts, but you visit a haunted house just for fun when, at the stroke of midnight, all the doors lock, and your soul is in danger. You only have an hour to escape this spooky space otherwise the ghosts will have you in their spell forever.

You are a modern-day Indiana Jones on a quest to retrieve precious treasures from the fourth element, a world filled with traps and tricks that you will need quick wits and daring cunning to solve. Can you outrun the 60-minute security system and fulfill your mission?

Murder is in the air! Someone you know has been killed, and you will need to use your shrewdest private investigator skills to crack the case. Hurry, you only have sixty minutes before the police arrive and assume that you are the killer.

It is a fast-paced group role-playing game of analyzing & being analyzed deceiving and being deceived controlling and being controlled and thinking creatively things take place in small villages and villagers have to hunt down the werewolves to save themselves from being killed at night

This is a charades - inspired word guessing game . one member of the team picks a card and draws on a blank board the other team attempts to give the correct word right before their apparent wins the gam.

This is a mini-puzzle box that can be played by 70-75 people at a time. It is 20 minutes game with an aim of finding a final 4 digital code that will help the team to finish the game successfully.

BIRTHDAYS (Min. 10 kids)

1. Escape In Time Birthday Package

- Includes 1 Escape Game + Werewolf or Pictionary + Black Box

- Duration: 2.15 hours
15 min pregame briefing
60 min Escape game
30 min Werewolf or Pictionary
30 min Black box
15 min. post briefing

2. All Activities Birthday Package

- Includes 1 Escape Room + Art Room+ Werewolf or Pictionary

- Duration: 2.15 hours
15 min pregame briefing
60 min Escape game
30 min Werewolf or Pictionary
30 min Art room
15 min post briefing

Birthday packages can also be purchased with a meal. Meal includes French fries + Juice + one of these options: Beef/Chicken Burger OR Beef/Chicken Hotdog OR Nuggets OR Falafel Wrap.

*** Hungarian Games provide an extensive kids menu that includes all kids favorites, such as hot dogs, nuggets, fries, pasta, meatballs, burgers, wraps, pizza and pancakes. They also offer classic cakes, as well as customized cakes.


- Escape Rooms can accommodate up to 24 kids at the same time (Max. 6 kids per room)

- Minimum age for Escape Rooms (4th Element, Crime Scene and Studio 113) is 8 years old. Under 8 year old needs to be accompanied by an adult.

- Minimum age for Haunted Room and Jail Break is 16 years old.

- Birthday bookings need to be a min. of 10 kids


Hungarian Games - Prices and Offers

4) Birthday Package - All Activities (Min. 10 kids)

Includes 1 Escape Room + Art Room+ Werewolf or Pictionary

All Activities (2.15hrs) Per Person, min 10

AED 199 AED 139
5) Birthday Package - Escape in Time + Meal (Min. 10 kids)

Includes 1 Escape Game + Werewolf or Pictionary + Black Box + Meal

Escape in Time + Meal (2.15 hrs) Per Person, min 10

AED 144
6) Birthday Package - All Activities + Meal (Min. 10 kids)

Includes 1 Escape Room + Art Room+ Werewolf or Pictionary + Meal

All Activities + Meal (3.15hrs) Per Person, min 10

AED 164
3) Birthday Package - Escape in Time (Min. 10 kids)

Includes 1 Escape Game + Werewolf or Pictionary + Black Box

Escape in Time (2.15 hrs) Per Person, min 10

AED 169 AED 119
1) Escape Room Packages

Two Players Per game

AED 360 AED 219

Three Players Per game

AED 480 AED 339

Four Players Per game

AED 600 AED 419

Five Players Per game

AED 700 AED 490
2) Art Room - Painting Kits Offer

Canvas 20x30 Inc 5 colors & 3 brushes

AED 119

Canvas 30x40 Inc 5 colors & 3 brushes

AED 135

Canvas 40x40 Inc 9 colors & 5 brushes

AED 236

Canvas 30x50 Inc 12 colors & 6 brushes

AED 285
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