Jubail Mangrove Park

  • Animal Fun, Outdoor & Nature
  • Ages 0-16
Kidzapp Daily 08:00 to 18:30 Kidzapp Al Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi Kidzapp

Step into a stunning mangrove sanctuary where you can take a stroll on a meandering boardwalk to witness some exciting views of nature. Choose one of three routes (the shortest is 1km, and the longest is 2km long) and stop at the six educational sections, which include a floating platform with a see-through net to catch a glimpse of the marine life underfoot, a viewing tower and a beach platform where you can get your feet wet.

Lookout for the different types of birds, fish and crabs, and look down into the clear water with its unblocked views of mangrove roots and marine life. They've also created a play area for children, viewing terraces for great family photos and kayaking as well.

There are rangers available to provide more information about the park and its flora and fauna.

(The park will be closed during the summer months)

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