Toilet Roll Crafts: Ninjas

  • Fun At Home
  • Ages 2-10
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Don't be quick to throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here's a fun hands-on ninja craft that is super simple and will blow your little ones' minds.

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Toilet paper roll
Paint (any colour)
Black marker
Thick black fabric
BBQ stick

--STEP 1--

Use a pencil to draw a slot for your ninja's eyes

--STEP 2--

Paint the roll in your chosen colour, let it dry and give it a second coat

--STEP 3--

Use the black marker to draw on your ninja eyes and eyebrows

--STEP 4--

Cut a BBQ stick in half (or smaller). Use the black marker to decorate your ninja stick as you wish.

--STEP 5--

Use thick fabric to cut out ninja belt. Then tie it around your ninja and slot in the stick.

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