Tin Can Lantern

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Recycle your old tin cans to create some beautiful lanterns!


several tin cans (you can use coffee cans)
nails of different sizes (to make holes of different sizes)
a towel to stabilize the can during hammering
a Sharpie to plan your design
wire hanger for the handle
wire-cutter pliers
cordless drill (optional)
tea-light candles

--STEP 1--

Draw your design in dots on the can in Sharpie.

Tip: Cans that are a little thinner in width might bend a little when you're hammering in the nails in the next step. They'll still look and work fine in the dark but to avoid this, fill cans nearly full with water and freeze them overnight BEFORE you hammer them in the next step.

--STEP 2--

Find the most comfortable way to hammer nails into the can, poking holes where you’ve made Sharpie dots.

--STEP 3--

After you think you have poked enough holes, it is time to attach your handles. Clip your hangers and bend them into long loops.

Image credit: www.hgtv.com


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