Cardboard Castle

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Don't let your delivery cardboard boxes go to waste! Here's an idea to repurpose your delivery boxes into something great that your child will have oodles of fun with!

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Box Cutter
Toilet Paper Rolls
Acrylic Paint (optional)

--STEP 1--

Look at castle images online for inspiration and create a design on paper. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, it's better to keep things fairly simple.

--STEP 2--

Start cutting and molding elements into the base of your castle.

--STEP 3--

Use toilet paper rolls for your towers. Create turret roofs by making cones out of normal paper.

--STEP 4--

Add any extra elements, if you want, to create more detail to your castle's appearance e.g. add flags to your towers by using coloured paper and toothpicks, cut out a design on your ramparts etc.

--STEP 5--

Draw on windows, gates, vines etc. with your marker. If you want, you can even paint the entire castle first with some basic acrylic paint.

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