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What's Valentine's Day without Cupid?! Get crafting with the kiddos make your own bow and arrow and shoot some love!


Paper tapes in pastel colors
Washi tape in Golden color
Twigs / Nature sticks – one 12 inches and another 6 inches long.

--STEP 1--

Collect sticks that are smooth, long and flexible when you go for your nature walks. If the sticks are rough, sand them down with sandpaper and a dull knife. Take the longer stick and decorate with paper tapes / washi tapes. This will be the bow.

--STEP 2--

Using yarn, make multiple twists at one end and knot it in place. Now bend the stick into a small arc and wrap the yarn securely at the other end to form a bow. Leave some length on the string to tie the feathers.

--STEP 3--

Trace a triangle on a cardboard piece and cut it to form an arrow tip. Cover with gold washi tape.

--STEP 4--

Decorate the arrow with tiny strips of washi tape again like we did with the bow. Add diagonal strips at the bottom and secure in place to create the fletching using a glue gun if required. Fletching is the material at the end of the arrow which helps guide it as it flies.

--STEP 5--

Nock the arrow (slice a little slit in the wood). Take a knife and cut a slit at the end without the arrowhead to make the nock. This will help the string guide the arrow. Make as many arrows as you need.

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