Rainbow Ice Tower Excavation

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Create an icy tower of colourful awesomeness that you and your littles can excavate together.


Bits and pieces in rainbow colours
A tall vase or container
Large plastic container
Squeeze bottles

--STEP 1--

Take a tall vase and measure out how much water it will take to fill in 6 equal parts (one layer for each colour).

-- STEP 2--

Pour in the first layer of water, add in your red items and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Keep the remaining water in the refrigerator. Then pour in the second layer of water and add your orange items on top of the now-frozen red items and so on and so forth until you have all your layers.

--STEP 3--

To remove the ice tower, run some water over the outside of the vase and hold it upside down. If you don't have heat-tempered glass, be sure to use caution and use cold water.

--STEP 4--

Once your ice tower is free, place it inside your container and start excavating with your little ones. You can use squeeze bottles to pour warm water over the tower to kickstart the melting process.

Image: www.funathomewithkids.com


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