Laundry Fun

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Fine motor development and water play come together in this fun clothesline activity for toddlers and preschoolers.


Rope (cotton rope, thick yarn)
Bucket or bowl of water
Doll clothes, face cloths, clean baby socks
Small amount of gentle soap

--STEP 1--

String your rope up between two posts or deck rails (if outdoors), or two chairs (if indoors).

--STEP 2--

Fill a large bowl or bucket with water, and add a few drops of mild dish soap or a bit of mild laundry detergent. Place the bowl or bucket on the floor covered with a towel.

--STEP 3--

Hand your kids some doll clothes, colourful face cloths or even some of their own socks and watch them wash, squeeze out water and hang the items up to dry.


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