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Flowers and Valentine's Day go hand in hand, so for a twist on the traditional why not make some pretty flower pendants? Great to wear for fun, give as little gifts, or even hang around the house for some fun decorations! All you'll need are easy to find items that you probably already have at home.


Short cup
Liquid dish soap
Acrylic paints (get different colors)
Drinking straw
White paper or cardstock
Small hole punch

--STEP 1--

Fill a short cup with 3 Tbs. liquid dish soap, 1 Tbs. water, and 2 Tbs. acrylic paint, and mix.

--STEP 2--

Give your kid a straw and have them blow air into the liquid to create bubbles.

--STEP 3--

When the surface is fully covered in bubbles, have them gently press a plain piece of paper or cardstock onto the bubbles to make an impression. Repeat until the page is covered. Make more pages in different colors!

--STEP 4--

Once dry, cut out bubble-like flower shapes.

--STEP 5--

Punch a small hole in each shape and thread a 16-in. piece of colored string through to make the flower into a necklace.On the flip side, write, “You’re my very best bud!”

Image/craft credit: www.parents.com


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