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Doodle is an innovative children's play area that provides a safe and enjoyable space for children to express themselves through play and doodling.

This edutainment center offers an entirely new concept of play that is fun and inspiring. It enables kids to fully immerse themselves in creative play while further developing skills such as gross motor, soft motor, sensory, and social skills, as well as speech development.


This is a multi-level maze structure for children. It includes an obstacle course, a ball pit, and a climbing tunnel. The combination of these activities are not only fun for children but also supports the development of skills such as gross and soft motor skills.

This area is designed for toddlers to play and learn in a safe and enclosed area. It includes a reading section for storytelling which develops the toddler’s cognitive senses and also stimulates language and speech. This program also includes the sensory wall which is designed to improve coordination and motor development in toddlers as well as enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.

The make-believe zone is a scaled-down replica of a typical town where every child can be whoever they want. The area is designed to have a market, house, and an ice cream truck. Kids will be able to have an enjoyable learning experience that further develops social and emotional skills.

The craft room is an enclosed area for workshops. It is designed to further enhance soft motor skills and drive creativity through arts and crafts as well as learning and education. The room also hosts events like birthday parties and end-of-year celebrations.


Exclusive 10% OFF General Admission on Tuesdays plus get a FREE tote bag for group visits of 3 children and above.


- Children under the age of 4 need to be accompanied by an adult during their visit and no extra fee is applicable for the accompanying adult.

- Children 4 years and older do not need to be accompanied by an adult. An accompanying adult for a child 4 years and older would require a separate entry fee.

- Food and drinks are NOT allowed inside the playground. There is an allocated space for F&B consumption.


Doodle Kids Play Area - Prices and Offers

General Admission - TUESDAY OFFER

Valid on Tuesdays 10am to 8:30pm ONLY

1 Hour Per child

AED 75 AED 67.5

Additional 1 Hour Per child

AED 35 AED 31.5

1 Additional Adult

AED 25 AED 22.5
General Admission

Wed-Mon ONLY

1 Hour Per child

AED 75

Additional 1 Hour Per child

AED 35

1 Additional Adult

AED 25
Deals DEAL

Get 10% OFF General Admission on Tuesdays + Get a FREE tote bag for group visits of 3 kids and above!

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