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Zero Latency Dubai


Dubai (exact location to be announced)


Get ready for this warehouse scale, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality experience that takes you inside the game, where your b...

Get ready for this warehouse scale, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality experience that takes you inside the game, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it's real.

So round up your family or friends and look forward to immersing yourselves into some amazing VR games:

SINGULARITY (1-8 players)

A secret military space station has gone dark and it falls on you and your team to investigate why. No signs of life remain…well, human life anyway. Your journey to space begins, but will the answers you find lead to your end?

Enter an immersive, interstellar-themed shooter where you'll fight to the death against robots, killer drones and gun turrets as you explore the narrow corridors, lifts and zero-gravity environment of the space station. Your gravity boots may keep your feet firmly planted on the floor – or walls – but this intense space simulation will leave you feeling out of this world.

Wreak havoc on your robotic enemies with four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun), all powerful enough to obliterate anything in your path. You'll also be equipped with a deployable force shield that’ll keep you protected under heavy fire.

Remember to work together with your team and find the answers you're looking for.

ENGINEERIUM (1-8 players)

Get ready to have your world turned upside down. Literally. Engineerium is a walking adventure that'll leave you questioning your own reality.

Escape into a fantastical ancient alien world, suspended above an ocean, where gravity does not function as expected. In fact, nothing is as expected in this world designed to test your ability to coordinate your mind and body.

Walk among flying whales and parrot rays and connect the platforms to progress through the game. Colourful characters and bright, friendly music accompany you on the journey. Teamwork is key in this unique virtual reality game that lets you walk up and down ramps and twisty, curvy walls, defying gravity.

ZOMBIE SURVIVAL (1-8 players)

Caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak, you and your team are trapped in a fort, surrounded by chaos, carnage and undead corpses craving human flesh.

Have you got what it takes to outlast the zombie onslaught or are you just another one who'll crack under pressure as soon as things get too real? It's time to cure this outbreak, one bullet at a time.

Zombie Survival is an intense and immersive VR experience for those wanting to test their zombie apocalypse survival skills. You'll need to work with your team to fend of swarms of ruthless zombies, rebuild defensive barriers and hope you can survive long enough for help to arrive.

On your mission, you'll be equipped with an array of destructive weapons including an Assault Rifle, a Pump-Action Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle. If things get real desperate, you'll have a Heavy Assault Rifle and a fully automatic Mini Gun towards the end ready to blow some serious brains out.

SOL RAIDERS (2-8 players)

The ultimate competitive virtual reality experience. Form your crew and prepare for blistering, team-based, player vs player combat across 3 diverse maps, complete with unique objectives with up to 8 players. Fun for casual and professionals alike.

Earth is gone. The remnants of humanity travel the universe in search of new worlds… and new wealth. The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other. If you get the Sol, you've got it made. Assemble your squad. Blistering, team-based combat awaits!


Ultra-realistic zombies developed from motion capture of live actors. *The epic boss battle finale will keep you and your squad gripping your guns. Get ready for the most advanced free-roam multiplayer VR zombie game ever made!

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