Overnight Stay in Hatta Caravan Park

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***Hatta Resorts and Wadi Hub will be closed between May 4 and Oct 1, 2019***

Take in the unique surroundings of Hatta National Park from the comfort of a luxury caravan at Hatta Caravan Park. The park features static caravans decked out with luxury interiors including curved wood and leather upholstery.

Alongside the HD TVs and Wi-Fi access, you and your family will also have direct access to the Hatta Wadi Hub activity center to keep you all totally entertained throughout your stay.

Complete your perfect camping experience by barbecuing at the allocated areas, or relax completely and grab a bite to eat from the Wadi Hub Food Trucks nearby.


Overnight Stay in Hatta Caravan Park - Prices and Offers

                                                            Family of 4
From AED 700

Overnight Stay in Hatta Caravan Park Location

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