Countdown Challenge

  • Fun & Play
  • Ages 6-16
Kidzapp Daily 15:00 to 23:00 Kidzapp JBR, Bahar 1, Jumeirah / Umm Suqeim Kidzapp

Put together a team of 2-7 players, and choose one of six games with different levels. You'll be locked inside the game room and receive a briefing. With 60 minutes to search for clues, solve puzzles, your goal is to unlock your way through the game and ultimately escape. Each game is uniquely themed and decorated, and you and your teammates must work together to complete the missions.

You can choose to play in one of five freaky rooms:

- The Basement: Whispers, screams, unexplained noises- do you have the courage to explore? And the skill to escape before time runs out?

- Stolen: They stole your mobile- Can you break into the thief's apartment, retrieve your phone, and get back out without getting caught?

- Last Will: A wealthy hotel owner's dying challenge to you: find his Last Will before the clock run out, and the fortune is yours

- Escape Plan: You're kidnapped, blindfolded, and tied up in a cabin out in the woods. Can you escape?

- Crime Evidence: Got the skills to find the evidence necessary to prove your friend's innocence? You have an hour to find out

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