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Immerse yourselves into an awesome world of alternative amusement and escape rooms at Brain Game Dubai! Grab your family members and enjoy 60 minutes to escape from rooms full of riddles and puzzles that you must solve. CLICK MORE for further details!

You've got one hour to make it or break. Will you solve the mystery or lose? You're locked in and it's 60minutes on the clock... Will you make it out?

**Call venue on +971 4 547 7993 and confirm availability of room prior to booking


According to tradition, purification of the soul is fulfilled only if you do not succumb to the seven deadly sins or by penance. In this particular room you face your weaknesses and passions. You face wrath, lust, sloth, envy, greed, gluttony and pride. Will you manage to resist the seven deadly vices and reach salvation? Bear in mind though, that the avenger-killer representing the Divine Judgment is lurking.

Do you really believe that you are the only one who lives your life? Behind every step you take and any personal moment, HE is there. He watches you and always is at the same place that you are. But you don't know who he is. He is a photographer with secrets and obsessions. His greatest obsession is you. Will you manage to "reveal" the clues that will uncover him? For the first time, you find a dark room inside an escape room!

You are invited to Mr. Charlie Wonka’s chocolate factory. He keeps the recipe for the best chocolate in the world very well hidden somewhere inside this factory. Mr. Wonka has no family and he wants to leave his legacy to someone who is worthy enough and will gain his trust. You will go through a series of test in order to show him your abilities. If you make it, you will be able to put to operation the chocolate machine and reveal the magic recipe.


They have a big range of board games available for playing and purchase, including: Exploding Kittens, Speechless, Klask 4, Smarty Party, Bonk, Hello My Name Is, Coup and many many other exciting games.


- The Terrace is available for birthday parties.

- Birthday Packages includes 60-min Escape Room, Snack Meal and 60-min Board Games.

- Snack Meal includes: 2 slices of pizza, soft drink and vanilla custard cake cups or smoothie or milkshake.


- Children aged 11 years and below need to be accompanied by an adult
- Maximum number of children for Escape Games is four
- Families can play together
- Children below the age of 8 can join the family activity for FREE and under the supervision of parents


Brain Game - Escape Rooms & Board Game Café - Prices and Offers

1) 60-min Escape Rooms + 1 Hour FREE Board Games (Weekdays)

1 Adult (11yrs+)

AED 150 AED 120

1 Child (8-11yrs)

AED 75 AED 60
2) 60-min Escape Rooms+ 1 Hour FREE Board Games (Weekends)

1 Adult (11yrs+)

AED 170 AED 136

1 Child (8-11yrs)

AED 85 AED 68
3) Birthday Package

60min Escape Room + Snack Meal + 60min Board Games

1 Person (11yrs+)

AED 170 AED 145
4) Other

Child under 8yrs

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