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Over 55% off Kidzania Abu Dhabi

Kidzapp Sun-Wed 10:00 to 20:00, Thu-Sat until 22:00 Kidzapp KidZania, Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Kidzapp
KidzappAges 2-16 Kidzapp

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About KidZania Abu Dhabi:

This indoor cityscape theme park comes complete with paved streets, buildings - even its own economy - and lets your boys and girls role-play more than 40 different real-world professions and learn in a fun way.

While the kiddies are having their fun, guardians can lounge it out while enjoying free internet access, a TV lounge, and a café with yummy options.


A city created just for your kids, KidZania is made up of mini versions of real-life sectors which they can explore:

Supermarket – A trip to the local supermarket gets your kids behind the scenes of Supermarket Administration and also in the shoes of a normal customer.

Hospital -- Help maintain the health and safety of all the Kidzania children in the City Hospital. Become a life-saving surgeon as you try your hand at different types of operations, learn to think on your feet as you handle the care of people inside the Emergency Room and even try it out as a neo-natal nursery where you get to take care of newborn children.

Courier Service – Your boys and girls will get to work as couriers distributing and picking up packages in specific establishments by foot using backpacks or carts. A great way for your kids to appreciate the process behind getting their home deliveries.

Theatre -- Visitors, both young and old, can enjoy a range of free shows and performances in the city centre theatre.

Bank – It’s never too early for your little ones to learn basic finance management. Kids will get to use banking services like: opening an account, requesting a debit card and learning about the benefits of saving money.

Employment Office – This is where your boys and girls go if they want to look at different job offers, job openings and salaries. Here kids receive general information about KidZania's concept, local activities, promotions, B-KidZanian and other facilities around the world.

Driving Circuit -- Take to the city streets at KidZania’s Driving Streets and don’t forget to pass by the petrol station where you mini drivers can fill up their cars.

Crime Scene Investigation – Get your junior detectives on the case as they receive a full case briefing, collect and analyze evidence to solve a mysterioys case.

Vault – Here your boys and girls will learn to handle kidZos and be responsible for the security, delivery and collection of KidZos at various establishments. They can try it out as a vault guard or get behind the counter as an apprentice.


Role-playing is a timeless and universal childhood activity. It is an embedded behaviour in all children and is an essential component in the KidZania experience. Role-playing is fun – and has very positive learning, psychological and motivational benefits. At KidZania, children have the opportunity of having real-world experiences while assuming the role of airpline pilots, astronauts, police officers, and fashion designers, as well as others.

Role-play is a form of Experiential Learning and an effective learning tool that encourages children to become active participants. At KidZania your children can explore the city on their own and learn independence, wear uniforms, complete tasks and make decisions all while developing their core skills. Several child development experts outline the benefits of role-playing in their impact on the below core skills: Cognitive Psychomotor Social Emotional Language


Though your kids from 6 months old and up can enter KidZania, most activities are most suitable for children 3 years old and above.

There can sometimes be long queues during weekends and other peak hours, so we recommend to either go on a weekday or early on weekends.

--Regular Prices-- ---
Adult AED 75
Child (Economy) AED 185
Toddler (2-3 years) AED 105
Infant (0-1 years) FREE
--Kidzapp Prices-- ---
Adult (Economy) AED 65
Child (Economy) AED 85
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Other parents opinions:

5/ 5stars

Kidzania is just superb. It has so many different activities and the kids all seemed to love it. Our daughter is 3 and was able to do almost all of the activities. There is also a section for smaller kids and babies (soft play). Our daughter did fire fighting, looked after babies in the hospital, went to space, flew a plane, made juice and played dentist! Quite a busy day! The Kidzapp discount makes it so much more affordable- we will be back for sure!


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