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Take your little gamers to Pixoul Gaming for an immersive virtual reality (VR) and E-Sports experience. Click MORE for further details.


- 4500 square meter state-of-the-art VR and E-Sports hub

- 5 zones, 10 VR experiences, 1 E-Sports Bar, 1 E-Sports Academy, Gaming Broadcasting Studios and an E-Sports Arena

- Pixoul Planet: a multi-sensory game available in both story and arcade mode and includes 10 different virtual and augmented reality games, each lasting 6-10 minutes

- The region’s first fully wireless headsets in an open-world cross-platform metaverse - the HTC Focus 3 headsets are fully synced with 4D and motion platform simulators to blur virtual reality’s boundaries ultimately


CRYO CAPSULE (1 player)
Enter an enthralling story through the decades. From Pixoul Planet’s genesis to Alpha Ventauri’s awakening, this immersive capsule with special effects will leave you in awe. After being awakened, the Alpha Ventauri team find themselves in a fugue state having flashbacks about what led them to be awakened.

THE LIFT (4 players)
This game takes place inside an elevator where players have to go up from the bottom of the vault to the surface. The elevator is set with multiple doors and exterior windows that the players can go in and out of. The goal is to make their way to the top floor as they battle waves of incoming minions.

OPERATION B (2 players)
Once the team make it through the Pixoul recon, they head towards the helipad where they fly towards Hexa City. As they make their way through the hostile environment, both players must work together to eliminate threats, defeat enemies and prevent the helicopter from crashing.

PARASHIFT (1 player)
Want to soar through the skies of Hexa City, dodging through lasers left and right? This parachute experience is unlike any other. After getting on the helicopter to disable the frequency jammer, the Alpha Ventauri team split up. Two of them parachute out to try and land as close to the panel as possible in the low-security area.

HEXA LOOPER (1 player)
Fasten your seatbelts, you’re about to embark on the ride of your life. Experience Hexa City from above and from below by looping through different areas of the city discovering it from different perspectives. For fun, The Elites have constructed a futuristic rollercoaster which was initially constructed for themselves, but later on, opened for tourists. It is a 5-minute ride in the looper where tourists are taken all around the city giving them a thrilling adventure of discovery.

PLANKED! (1 player)
One of the tallest structures in Hexa City is the space elevator. It is the hub of transportation to the outside atmosphere of Pixoul Planet and the best place for extreme sports daredevils. Daily games are hosted in the elevator where players walk on a plank high up in the sky trying to resist drones that actively try to push them off the ledge. This game is about traversing a tight and narrow platform without falling– all while slashing drones and scoring the highest points.

MACH 6 RACER (1 player)
Speed racer is a motorsport race set on the tracks of the capital city. It’s an annual event watched by the top Elites of the planet. Streamed throughout the interplanetary network, the goal is to race your opponents as fast as possible to win the game.

SOLOSOL (1 player)
Grab your bike and get ready to swerve your way around the hostile streets of Hexa City. Race with super speed on the highways and try to avoid obstacles while softly moving the bike with your body.

BATTLE RUSH (4 players)
Desperately trying to expand their city, The Elites realize the planet is no longer sustainable for growth. To solve this, they decide to destroy the old city and make more room. They set up a train to be sent to the old city to demolish it and blow it to the ground. Four players must cooperate inside the vehicle as they drive through tough terrain defending themselves, eliminating the enemies and stopping the train.

PIXEL RECON (4 players)
In a 4-player free roaming game, you fight the last and most powerful elite in an intense boss battle, upon realizing that the last elite isn’t even Human any more, by his greed, he merged with machines into an artificial subconscious which controls this new world.


The Combo Ticket includes: 1x General Admission Ticket to The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi + 1x Pixoul Gaming Story Mode Ticket

- The Combo Ticket includes discounted prices for each venue ticket, compared to stand-alone tickets.

- 30 days validity in which to visit both venues, from the date of first venue visit.

- The journey must start from The National Aquarium (first venue to visit).

- The ticket is non-refundable


- Minimum height requirement at Pixoul Gaming is 120cm

- Children below 12 years old must be supervised/accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times

- The Story Mode VR experience lasts around 90 minutes

- Venue timings for E-Sports Academy + Console: Sun-Thu 12pm to 12am, Fri-Sat until 2:00am


Pixoul Gaming Hub - Prices and Offers

Story Mode VR Game (90 mins)

(access to 10 VR games)

Story Mode VR Game per person

AED 262.5
COMBO TICKET: The National Aquarium + Pixoul Gaming

(The National Aquarium General Admission + Pixoul Gaming Story Mode

Combo Ticket Per person

AED 318.95
Deals DEAL

COMBO DEAL: General Admission Ticket to The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi + Pixoul Gaming Story Mode Ticket

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