Khor Kalba

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If you're a nature lover, then Khor Kalba is a must visit for you! A protected nature reserve, close to the mangrove forest, offering spectacular weather all year long.

Kalba is known for its deserted, sandy beaches and the interesting remains of fishing boats pulled up on its shores. You and your family can find great camping spots along its coastline to pitch your tent, along Khor Kalba (the mangrove area).

Khor Kalba is home to various wildlife creates such as rare bird, turtles and fish, so try to keep the area as clean and unbothered as possible. There are several companies that organize eco-kayak trips during times when the tide is high.

Experience some refreshing morning dips or explore the mudflats on your feet with the kids.


- Family walks along the beautiful corniche

- Shells, anchors and drift wood to discover and collect

- Lots of stunning sunrises and sunsets make perfect backdrop for family photos

- A natural playground for the kids - endless climbing and running around

- Perfect camping spots

- Spacious and safe beach to swim

- Arabian snack options from the traditional shops near the mangrove


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