Al Madam Ghost Village

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Take a trip to the abandoned village in Al Madam. See if the rumours are true for yourself that an evil force was supposedly responsible for driving the residents away. Alongside the unwelcome sand storms and fierce winds that are slowly swallowing the abandoned place. Better yet, forget the creepy rumours and enjoy the massive outdoor spaces that are the perfect opportunity for 4×4 drifting and sand-duning.

The place is deliciously eerie and a perfect place to hand your older kids a camera and let them snap away.

Although the history of Al Madam is quite vague, one thing that’s for certain is that the abandoned buildings have laid for over a decade, consisting of a handful of beautiful houses that were constructed between the 1970s and 1980s. Also, the noticeably impressive mosque that overlooks the entire town gives the town a unique feel.

--How To Get There--

To access the ghost town, you need to continue past the spot marked, take the next right turn and drive up a few kms and take a right turn. You can access it from the side shown but it’s a good few kms over dunes and as it’s part of a construction site (you have to drive up behind the buildings).

The village is accessible through desert sands, so head there in a 4x4. Alternatively, you can walk about 500m from the end of the tarmac road.


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