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Visit Mleiha for an adventure deep into the deserts of Sharjah where you can uncover the secrets of the region’s ancient Bedouin culture. At this archaeological center, your entire family can learn about life in the region in years gone by as well as take a closer look at the wide variety of artifacts on display. Mleiha is not just about archaeology, in fact, you can find a variety of unique and fascinating species of mammals, reptiles, insects, plants and desert succulents that are not easily found elsewhere.

You can choose to explore the center indoors, or go on one of their thrilling outdoor discovery adventures.

Prices below are entry fees for the Mleiha Archaeological Centre


-- Guided Archaeological Tour --
Set off an incredible journey into the worlds of the past and enhance you knowledge about all the excavations and discoveries made by experts working on the archaeological sites in Mleiha (all ages).

-- Guided Museum Tour (90 min) --
Visitors will retrace the history of the earliest settlers of the region and be surrounded by evidence of life – right on the grounds you stand on – dating back more than 130,000 years.
Suitable for school children.

-- Fossil Hunt Expedition (2hrs) --
Put on a palaeontologist’s hat and dig into human history with you own hands.
Suitable for 8+ with guardian supervision.

-- Flora and Fauna Workshop (1-2hrs) --
Identify the different plant and wildlife species that occur in the desert. After a short indoor presentation you will trek Mleiha's sites and surroundings with subject matter experts who will offer insightful information about species indigenous to the region.
5+ years


-- ArchaeoMOG tour (2hrs) --
Experience the sights and sounds of Mleiha on the exciting ArchaeoMOG tour! You will be taken through a variety of different locations in a specially designed UNIMOG – your experience will begin with a tour of the museum, followed by a walkthrough to the Mleiha Stables via the gazelle enclosure, journeying onwards in the UNIMOG to the Valley of the Caves for a short trekking experience and crossing the old quarries to reach the final stop in a hidden wadi for refreshments.

-- Survive the Sands (1.5hrs) --
Learn how to cope with the harsh extremes of the desert with Mleiha's talented survival guides. Discover techniques that are extremely simple yet effective for survival – from sourcing water in the desert to creating a solar compass. Will you be able to survive the sands?
(Suitable for ages 10+)

--Jebel Buhais Trek (1hr) --
Prepare to head out on an archaeologically focused walk across the rocky outcrop of Jebel Buhais. Enjoy spectacular views from the ancient 2,000 year old Iron Age Fort with an expert guide leading you through historic landscapes. The mountain’s archaeological findings include an 8,000 year old Stone Age necropolis.
(Suitable for ages 10+)

-- Mleiha Landscapes (1hr) --
Enjoy a 1 hour excursion involving exciting exploration of the dunes to reveal Camel Rock, a uniquely shaped mountain outcrop that has the shape of a camel’s head! You will then be taken for a thrilling drive up to Fossil Rock for a spectacular view and to learn a little more behind why it is named “Fossil Rock”.
Choose between experiencing this adventure either in a Dune Buggy or in our 4×4 SUV!

-- Mleiha Adventure Package (6hrs) --
Get ready for an exciting off-road experience as you discover the most spectacular vistas Mleiha has to offer. Your journey will last approximately 6 hours as you take in views from two different peaks, visit ancient sites, stop for picture-perfect photos of the stunning landscape and conclude your adventure in the relaxing setting of our Sunset Lounge.

-- Archaeological Tour (1 to 1.5 hrs) --
Step into our vehicles and head back in time to see Mleiha through the ages. Trek through ancient Stone Age caves and the Faya Cave site, walk through a Pre-Islamic fort and witness the community lifestyle and burials of the Bronze Age. Visitors will see Horse and Camel Graves, Farmhouse with Kitchen, Community Village and Mleiha Fort as well.

-- Valley of the Caves (1hr) --
Explore ancient Stone Age caves by foot to take in the beautiful surroundings from the safety of wooden walkways. Experience a scenic view from atop the mountain outpost and take back pleasant memories. Also visit Camel Rock, a popular tourist destination in the desert.
Ages 5+

Other activities on offer include:

Horseback riding tours | Camel Rock tour | Desert cycling tour | Dune buggy adventures |


- Only 30% of the restaurant/space will be utilized
- Gloves and masks are required
- Use of disposable utensils
- Temperature checks
- A distance of 2 meters between visitors
- A maximum of 4 visitors at a table


Mleiha - Prices and Offers

Kids 3-12
Kids < 3
2 Adults + 3 Kids
AED 25
AED 15
AED 55

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