Long Salt Lake

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Head down to the magical Al Wathba district and experience a side of UAE nature you've never seen before!

A mixture of natural, rugged terrain and man-made interventions, the landscape in Al Wathba is truly a unique one. One of the best highlights is the incredible Long Salt Lake- it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!

Long Slat Lake stretches along the road through a man-made channel that is filled with emerald green water. Both banks of the channel are completely encrusted in salt that almost looks like a layer of snow. The channel ends in a waterfall and creates a sight unlike anything you'll ever see. There's a particular stretch of water which is dotted with huge salt formations, that almost look like giant Lilly pads. How these salt formations came about in a man made trench is anyone's guess! They should have taken thousands of years to form- but one theory is that they we hidden the sands, and when the channel was dug and filled with water the sand around them washed away leaving these unique salt mushrooms exposed.

This pristine spot is excellent for a family day out. However, be sure to pack your own snacks and water since the location is being purposely kept as raw and natural as possible - so no F&B outlets here. Be careful to leave your picnic spot as clean as you came to it; we're all responsible for taking care of the environment!

(Do note that the lake may at times not be accessible)


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