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Canada First Academy


East York, Toronto

Canada First Academy (CFA) is a Toronto-based soccer academy for recreational and elite player training. CFA runs three program...
Canada First Academy (CFA) is a Toronto-based soccer academy for recreational and elite player training.

CFA runs three programs, the Elite Academy Program, FUNdamentals, and our Development Academy.


- The Team Program is affiliated with the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and plays regular games against other OSA-affiliated teams in the Ontario Academy Soccer League. It runs throughout the year.

- FUNdamentals is a program for kids aged 5-10 who want to learn how to play the game in a fun learning environment. It works to help players develop basic skills and ignite a passion for the game.

- Academy Team Programs
Academy Programs are for talented, passionate soccer players who want to advance their game and are committed to training several times weekly.

- Junior CFA: U7 – U9
Individualized Development Program for 6-9 year olds. These players play competitively in our U8 and U9 teams.

Golden Age CFA: U10 – U12
Individualized Training Program for 10-12 year olds that are ready for the next phase of their development. These players form our U10/U11/U12 teams.

- Senior CFA: U13 – U19
Individualized Training Program for 13 to 18-year-olds who want to master the technical and decision-making skills needed for the next stage of their game. These players form our U13 to U19 teams.

- Camps: March Break, Summer Camps, International Camp.

- Pre-Elite Academy: The Pre-Elite Academy focuses on developing and enhancing the skills of potential Elite Academy players. Players U7 to U13 can join our CFA Head Coaches for skill-sharpening training that will focus on improving every aspect of a player's game.

- Advanced Clinics:
Extra training sessions for high-level players eager to improve and master their technique and develop their skill set. This program is for rep-level players looking to further develop their skills. Both CFA and outside players U12-U16 can join CFA Elite Academy Program head coaches for an educational soccer journey.

- Goalkeeper Training
Do you want to be an unstoppable ball-blocking machine? Come join us for 6 weeks of training on everything goalkeeping, from dives and catching technique to goal kicks and reaction times.

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