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10 Dubai 30×30 Events You And The Kids Can Join In On

November 2, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Health & Nutrition, Kids Activities, Parenting

Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge is back and we're already on our feet and moving! With a month-long line up of exciting fitness events and wellness-focused entertainment, there's so much to choose from. Best of all, there are also multiple ways to get your kids involved in all the action. Read More


Fairgreen: Why You Should Choose An IB Education For Your Child

August 30, 2020 Parenting

There is probably no other place on Earth where school choice is so abundant than here in Dubai. When considering what school is right for your child, one of the most important considerations is curriculum: how and what your child will be learning. One of the buzzwords, or rather buzz acronyms, in education today is…Read More


10 Free Apps To Help Parents While They’re Stuck At Home

March 24, 2020 Parenting

We’ve all been advised to #stayathome except for essential trips to the grocery store, pharmacy or work – and with the added task of having to home school our children, it is needless to say that our lives as parents have turned upside down. Every bit of help counts and these are some great apps…Read More


3 Easy Whole Brain Activities You Can Do At Home

March 24, 2020 Parenting

Being stuck at home is a perfect opportunity to get creative with the way our little ones learn. There are plenty of ways to develop our children’s skills using just what we have at home, and The Bright Minds Institute has shared three fun and easy whole brain activities you can try out with your…Read More

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Your Survival Guide To Staying At Home With The Kids

March 16, 2020 Kids Activities, Parenting

Ideas on how to keep learning, stay active and have fun at home… The current disruption to our everyday can leave us parents as well as our young ones feeling a bit anxious – and it can be hard to keep our days filled with enough activities to keep life somewhat normal. So in order… Read More

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