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Best Ways To Get Your Kids Learning At Home

February 22, 2021 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Kids Activities

The past year has changed our family lives so much, especially the way our kids are going to school and how they’re learning. Quarantine and other protective measures have increased our children’s presence indoors and shifted a good chunk of schooling hours to the home. This has meant screen-time battles, kiddo’s wandering attention during online-classes, and sometimes just good old-fashioned boredom.

At Kidzapp, where most of us are parents ourselves, we’ve been through all the learning bumps under the sun this quarantine and so with experience we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. We’ve curated some of the best ways to keep your kiddos engaged and learning at home, with these great activity boxes that are fun, interesting, engaging, and will help them flex those brain muscles and keep them off the cartoons (although a healthy dose never hurt anyone!).

At Home Laboratory Boxes by My Discovery Lab

My Discovery Lab is an excellent option to keep those “I’m bored” declarations at bay. They bring your kids exciting Science Experiments & STEAM activities through their super engaging activity boxes.

Their ‘at-home’ laboratory boxes are full of cool experiments, exciting activities and investigations designed to inspire and amaze your kids. These are specially tailored to age groups 3 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, and 10 to 14 years – and the boxes contain everything your kids need to get experimenting. And with Kidzapp, you get 25% off!

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At Home

Science Box from AED 37.50 with Kidzapp

Themed Activity Boxes by The Happy Box

The Happy Box comes with 8 themed activities and a book to keep your kiddos busy and give them a dose of fun. The activities are age appropriate but just challenging enough to keep your kids engaged and teach them new skills. Each box is designed to develop your kiddos’ cognitive and motor skills and feed their creativity. The activity and craft themes range from animals and nature, to seasonal events and geography. You and your kiddo can select whatever tickles their fancy and guarantees hours of learning and fun.

Get 20% off The Happy Box - fun, themed learning boxes suitable for kids 3-11 years old.

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At Home
Boxes: AED 208 with Kidzapp

Kits for Big and Little Learners by The Mammy's

And for a dose of mathematics, the Mammy's numbers activity box is a fun hands-on-learning kit full of educational and engaging learning activities to encourage those little minds to enjoy numbers.

Counting, tracing and matching are some of the activity printables included in the kit to help your kiddo recognize and become familiar with common numeracy activities. The box comes complete with all necessary supplies: Well Done! stickers, a certificate, and a zip bag to make traveling with the kit convenient. And for your convenience, all activities included are already laminated and cut apart.

The Mammy’s also carries Number kits for older kids, Color Kits for different age groups, and a Reward kit to help celebrate little or big milestones.

10% off all kits with promo code Kidzapp10

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At Home

Numbers Kits: AED 143.10 with Kidzapp

Build-A-Mini-Home Kits by Bildits

If you’re looking for an activity kit that says STEM, then Bildits is an excellent choice. Bildits is the first construction toy that replicates the real construction process- it allows you and your kiddo to build your own house with your own hands: pour the cement, build walls, and paint your house!

The Beginner Kit is all about construction made easy for kid aged 6 and older. The kit includes 70+ pieces and a manual to help you and your kiddo create and live a true construction experience. Everything you need is available in the kit, including gloves, a working sheet, and a container to mix the cement. All you have to do is build!

There are also Intermediate and Advanced kits available for older kids, and is marked suitable for teens through age 16.

Get building at home with a 10% discount with Kidzapp!

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At Home
Kits from AED 66.06 with Kidzapp

Sensory Activity Boxes by Stem Lab

This also another great STEM activity box, that comes in different themes. And when you buy it through Kidzapp you get a 10% discount when you order any of the sensory activity boxes by Stem Lab UAE.

The great thing about these boxes is that they’re all about sensory play. Sensory play is an important part of child development; it stimulates fine motor skills, enhances problem-solving skills, and aids in language development. It’s also an excellent way to get your kiddos’ imaginations running wild.

The activity boxes come in one of three themes: Space, Unicorn, Peppa Pig. The boxes also include all sorts of supplies that you and your kiddo might need, including: non-toxic playdough, glitter, a rolling pin, play dough cutters, and theme-specific items like stars, feathers, or figurines.

And there’s more sensory play where that came from: STEM Lab also carry other sensory kits including a Rainbow Rice kit, Unicorn Slime jars, a DIY Bath Bomb kit, and a Baby Sensory activity box.

Order with Kidzapp and get 10% off your boxes!

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At Home
Sensory Activity Box: AED 225 with Kidzapp

Science Boxes by MEL Science

And for more science and STEM-based activities, we recommend getting your budding scientists excited with MEL Science. These are next-generation subscription boxes for your kids, combining hands-on experiments with VR and AR technologies to make learning fun and effective.

The great thing about how immersive these boxes are is that they break the stereotype that science is boring, difficult, and only for certain types of people. MEL Science helps nurture your kid’s natural interest in science by giving them the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiments, and dive deeper with VR and AR.

Depending on which way your kiddo’s interests lean, you can choose between 4 different subscriptions: MEL Chemistry, MEL Physics, MEL Kids, MEL Lite.

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At Home
Monthly Subscription: AED 150

Arabic Activity Boxes by My Little Letters

This activity box is excellent for native speakers and foreign learners alike. You’ll be able to help your little ones learn the colors in Arabic using  Flashcards and Worksheets, Letters Flash Cards and Worksheets, 5 Arts & Crafts Activities for kids along with a special coloring activity. Like we said, you don’t have to be fluent to use this box since instructions are included in both Arabic and English.

My Little Letters also carry sensory activity boxes, and boxes to teach your kiddos about farm animals, letter shapes, and numbers in Arabic.

Get 10% off your boxes with Kidzapp!

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At Home
Boxes: AED 135 with Kidzapp

Themed Activity Boxes by Krafty Beez

These boxes are also a great choice if your kiddo loves sensory play and crafting.  Krafty Bees' themed activity boxes are just perfect to encourage imagination and pretend play. The activities are designed to further develop the cognitive and fine motor skills of your little ones.

The boxes come in a bunch of themes including: At the beach; Dinosaur; On the Farm; Under the Sea; and Unicorn.

Order now and get 10% off with Kidzapp!

You can also get a deal on their Sensory Bins through Kidzapp.

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At Home
Activity Box: AED 247 with Kidzapp

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