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  • Ages 3-11
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About The Happy Box:

CONTENTS: 8 activities surrounding a specific theme

The activities are:

- fun, engaging and just the right amount of challenge

- done using non-toxic, carefully sourced, high-quality materials

- varied, unique and non-repetitive

- great for helping in your child's cognitive and fine motor skills

- able to stimulate creativity and analytical skills in your child

- perfect for sharing and promoting sibling L.O.V.E.

All the materials required to complete each activity are included in the box - from scissors to paints to brushes to glue to construction paper to canvases and so on - together with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for further fun.

CUSTOMISABLE: The activities are customized for the child’s age and gender, and are educational yet fun in nature, promoting cognitive development, creativity and fine motor skills.

AGE APPROPRIATE: 3-11 years with activity instructions adapted to suit your child's age group.

PARENT SUPERVISION: Centric to the mandate of The Happy Box and the promotion of quality family team, all activities have been designed to be completed with the supervision of a parent or guardian.


1. Mama Africa Box
2. Dancing Dino Box
3. Mini Artist Box
4. Happy UAE Desert Box
5. Unicorn Box (Recreational box)
6. Art Appreciation Box
7. Science Edition Box
8. Busy Bees Box
9. Desert O Rama Box
10. Manga Box
11. Carnival Box
12. Party Animal Box
13. Summer Box

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Activities Prices

Themed Boxes

Mama Africa Box

AED 260 AED 234

Dancing Dino Box

AED 260 AED 234

Mini Artist Box

AED 260 AED 234

Happy UAE Desert Box

AED 260 AED 234

Unicorn Box

AED 260 AED 234

Art Appreciation Box

AED 260 AED 234

Science Edition Box

AED 260 AED 234

Busy Bees Box

AED 260 AED 234

Desert O Rama Box

AED 260 AED 234

Manga Box

AED 260 AED 234

Carnival Box

AED 260 AED 234

Party Animal Box

AED 260 AED 234

Summer Box

AED 260 AED 234
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