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Your Survival Guide To Staying At Home With The Kids

Ideas on how to keep learning, stay active and have fun at home… These days, our much-loved routines seem to have flown out the window. The current disruption to our everyday can leave us parents as well as our young ones feeling anxious – and it can be hard to keep our days filled with enough activities to keep life somewhat normal. So in order to try and lesson the burden, we have put together lists of various ideas that we hope help to keep you and your kids busy (and worry-free) during this time.

Keep Learning

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES Khan Academy – Free e-learning in multiple subjects IXL – Comprehensive K-12 curriculum 1-Month FREE Access to Educational Resources on Twinkl (use code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS) FREE Home Learning Packs for Primary Year Group with Twinkl FREE Handwriting Practice Worksheets​ FREE Counting Printables FREE printable activities ALTERNATIVE LEARNING Learn basic math with LEGOs Learn the letters with LEGOs Educational Games with Classroom Secret Kids Creative Play, Experiments & more Multiplication Games 10 Typing Games for kids Edu Games GREAT FOR TODDLERS AND YOUNGER Circle Time Fun – Subject-specific play sessions with early-childhood xperts Elmo Loves ABCs mobile app Sink or float experiment for pre-schoolers

Stay Active

Zumba Kids Indoor obstacle courses Workout with your toddler The Floor Is Lava Exercise through games Yoga for kids 3yrs+ 10-min workout for teens Yoga for teens

Get Crafty

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft Paper Plates Tic Tac Toe DIY Circle Punch Art Monster Blow Painting DIY Foosball Table Paper Plate Mandela DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship

Make Time For Play

203 Fun Riddles for Kids with Answers DIY Laser Maze Racing Pom Pom Balls 101 Good Charades Ideas for Kids to Act Out Indoor Camping Treasure Hunt Indoor Obstacle Course DIY Tape Roads

Don't Feel Guilty About A Little Screen Time

EDUTAINMENT FOR THE YOUNG KIDS Babybus Blippi Cocomelon Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood – find full episodes on Netflix Sesame Street Word Party – find full episodes on Netflix EDUTAINMENT FOR THE OLDER KIDS SciShow Smithsonian Channel TED-Ed BRAIN BREAK FOR THE YOUNG KIDS Storytime with popular actors Paw Patrol – find full episodes on Netflix BRAIN BREAK FOR THE OLDER KIDS Online tour of the Louvre in Paris The Amazing World of Gumball – find full episodes on Netflix Teen Titants Go! – find full episodes on Netlix Adventure Time – find full episodes on Netflix …… And get involved! Why not put on a video game and grab a controller yourself? Your boys and girls would probably love to show you how it’s done. — Want more ideas right on your phone? – Get Kidzapp!