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The Wonder Maze – Abu Dhabi

February 06, 2019 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Kids Activities
Nestled in Umm al Emarat Park, in the centre of Abu Dhabi island you will find the latest seasonal family attraction to hit Abu Dhabi The Wonder Maze - the world's largest moveable maze.

There are two challenges in the maze - not only to reach the 5-metre-high central platform from one of five unique paths but to solve word clues and uncover the hidden phrase with letters you find as you go!

Our 8, 6 and 4-year-old really enjoyed the experience. It was age appropriate and - for the most part - they worked as a team! Even really small tots could join in with their families and get a great deal of enjoyment. The word clues would suit those who've already started phonics through to competent readers as there are three different levels of difficulty.

Our 6-year-old would have been just about old enough to tackle it on his own (note the minimum age to do it alone is 8) but it's definitely something best done with siblings and friends.  Allow yourselves 30 to 40 minutes to explore all 5 paths and complete the letter clues - but I bet bigger kids and teens could complete it even faster! It would be a great place for your bigger kids to have a challenge to the end.  If you complete all the paths its apparently 3000 meters so a great way to burn some energy too!!!

The great part about the maze being moveable, you can try again a few weeks later and have a completely different lay out.

The practical parts visiting The Wonder Maze:

  • There's plenty of parking at the park (expect a decent walk though as the maze is in the far left corner of the park), and always busy early evenings and particularly weekends.

  • There are toilets immediately adjacent to the maze.

  • Strollers need to be parked outside, it’s not appropriate to take them in the maze.

  • It’s always sensible to bring sunscreen, hat & water if you’re visiting during the day.

  • Small kids may have a temptation to sneak through the small gaps in the tarpaulins so do keep an eye on them!

The entry price is 35AED for a single turn regardless of age (but under 100cm can enter free), or 70AED for a full day pass. I can’t see why, once the kids have completed it once in a day (all 5 paths) why you’d want to return again on the same day, as the paths are not moved that frequently.

Do note, you still need to pay the Umm Al Emarat entry fee of 5AED per person. The letter quiz costs 10AED extra but I would recommend purchasing these as they add that additional layer of interest and exploration, not just rushing to the end goal. You can also add a 3D maze toy for 20AED or a completion certificate for 10AED. Once you add all these extras on it’s not such a cheap family outing for the time it takes to complete.

The Wonder Maze is a colourful and fun new addition to what is already Abu Dhabi's most loved family park. We look forward to returning for some new challenges.

Review by Keri from Our Globetrotters


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