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The Benefits Of Gymnastics Classes For Kids

February 20, 2020
Health & Nutrition, Kids Activities

Gymnastics is a great sport for children to be involved with and gives a wide range of transferable skills that can be applied to become both an excellent gymnast as well as a well-rounded athlete. Below we will explore the key benefits that children will enjoy during gymnastics coaching sessions and will hopefully give that extra bit of motivation that you might need to get your boys and girls signed up for this great activity if they are not taking classes already.

Muscular Strength

Gymnastics involves a variety of explosive movements that develop power through exercises like vaulting, hand-springs and tumbling. Exercises on the bars and rings where static positions are involved help to develop isometric strength. Lastly, floor work can be a great way to develop core strength and body tensions which acts as an essential link between the lower and upper body and is transferable to other sports too.

Spatial Awareness and Balance

All activities involved in kids’ gymnastics help children to become more aware of the strengths and limitations of their body as well as an awareness of their body positions in space. When your child gets onto the balance beam for the first time, this will be brought into focus even more as they try to maintain a good body position on the beam, without falling off and getting eaten up by imaginary sharks beneath the beam.


There is no better way to help your child get bendier than kids’ gymnastics classes. The wide variety of movements will help your child to increase their range of motion in both the lower and upper body. These flexibility increases will help your child to be able to perform static movements like the splits as well as more dynamic activities like leaps. Being flexible and balanced through the body is a great attribute that will help children to learn skills across other sports and excel.

Gymnastics Develops Coordination

When your youngster is working on their floor routines, tumbling and bar work they will need to coordinate the movement of a variety of body parts together to avoid ending up in a heap on the floor! As such, gymnastics is a great way to increase children’s whole body coordination which can help them to excel in both movement and hand-eye-coordination-based sports.

Psychological Benefits

Gymnastics is a one-stop activity for a variety of physical benefits that your child will develop. Furthermore, gymnastics has a whole host of psychological benefits too that will help your child mature into a young adult:

Self Esteem and Self Confidence: Gymnastics is an activity where children will always be striving for their next goal whether this be a forwards roll or a backflip off a high bar. Achieving these goals gives children big boosts in confidence both inside and outside of the kids’ gymnastics academy. 

Interactions With Other Little Gymnasts: Gymnastics classes give children the opportunity to interact closely with their fellow gymnasts with lots of pair-based exercises. Some great little friendships are formed in gymnastics sessions and your child is sure to make some new buddies when they come along too.

If you would like to get your child involved in gymnastics coaching, you can do so through Kids DXB’s Kidster program with gymnastics classes running every Friday and Saturday available for children between the ages of 3-11.

With the Kidster program, you can try it for free with a 30-day free trial and also get coaching in 7 other different sports as well as the gymnastics class.

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