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Upgrade your "air guitar" with a DIY shoebox guitar that is super easy to make with stuff you probably already have laying around at home! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Shoebox (or tissue box) Several rubber bands Empty kitchen paper roll A piece of cardboard paper Scissor Glue --STEP 1-- If using a shoebox, secure the lid by taping it shut. Then cut a sound hole at the back of the box (the non-lid side). --STEP 2-- On one side of the kitchen paper roll, cut several slits (about 1-1.5cm deep). Then flip the cut sides up. --STEP 3-- Glue the cut-up side of the toilet paper roll to your shoebox/tissue box. On the other side of the kitchen paper roll, cut out two slits to fit the thickness of your cardboard. --STEP 4-- Cut out a piece of cardboard to use as the head of the guitar and use the black marker to draw on your tuners. Slide it into the two slits on the kitchen paper roll. --STEP 5-- Wrap rubber bands around the box for your guitar strings. If you want, you can even slide a small piece of rolled cardboard at the "base" of the strings.


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