How to make a fruit caterpillar I Cooking


Nothing is more fun than turning an afternoon snack into something colourful and delicious - how about a fruit caterpillar on your plate? For big kids: have them help you cut up the different fruits (with your assistance of course). For little kids: let them help you put together the caterpillar on a plate. --INGREDIENTS-- Peanut butter Peanuts/cashews Apple Pear Plum Strawberries Grapes Bananas Or other fruits you've got in the house --STEP 1-- Cut the apple in half and use one half for the head. --STEP 2-- Cut up the rest of the fruit as needed and arrange the slices in a wavy pattern to form a caterpillar body. Place peanuts/cashews under the caterpillar for legs. --STEP 3-- Use peanut butter to secure the eyes, nose and mouth --------- Image credit and recipe:


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