Shark Island Khorfakkan

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Looking for a hidden gem where you and your family can disconnect and enjoy shimmering waters while exploring stunning coral reef? If so, then Shark Island should be your next destination.

Located off Khorfakkan beach, the small rocky island is the perfect spot for snorkelling, scuba diving and even just swimming. The water is just 15 metres deep, so you can easily see the stunning seabed and the thriving marine life which includes: sea anemones, turtles, moray eels, rays and Arabian angelfish.

Access to the island is through small boats found along the Khorfakkan beach corniche, and the boat ride takes approximately 10 minutes, where you will be able to stay usually until 8 pm. Bear in mind that there are no changing rooms or toilets on the island, so be sure to use the ones located along the Khorfakkan beach.

Don't forget to pack your own snorkelling equipment, otherwise you will have to rent them from the local vendors located at the public beach.


Shark Island Khorfakkan - Prices and Offers

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AED 40

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