Foothills of Hajar Mountains

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Are you a fan of the mountains? Al Hajar Mountains should definitely be on your to-visit list, offering unparalleled views and the biggest perk - it's a relatively easy drive from Dubai.

It's one of the most popular camping stops for many reasons - it doesn't require a 4x4 car, it's very clean and it offers various swimming holes to dip in (Hatta Pool is one of the deepest natural wadi waterholes).

If you want an easy camping spot, head to Wadi Al Qahfi campsite, which is located above the river bank. And if you're more of the adventurous type and would rather camp elsewhere, don't forget your camping mat or mattress, as most of the grounds are quite rocky and would hurt the kiddos when sitting or sleeping.

If you're lucky, you can spot various wildlife creatures such as rare birds, lizards and nocturnal foxes.


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