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So Spring Break has come a bit earlier than expected and some of us are completely clueless as to how to keep the little ones busy! But fret not – just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have bucket loads of fun.

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DIY Laser Maze — Turn your hallway into a laser maze for some easy, inexpensive fun

Racing Pom Pom Balls — Create a racing competition with just tape, straws and pom pom (or paper) balls

Indoor Camping — Clear some floor space in the living room and set up your tent. If you want to amp up the atmosphere, go to YouTube and put on some forest-themed background music. Got a gas cooker? – Spoil your kids with some s’mores.

Treasure Hunt — Start off by creating a bunch of hints (on pieces of paper) to different items/spots in your home – one hint leading to the next e.g. I am a little North Pole in the kitchen (freezer) or Your dust is my food (vacuum cleaner). Give your child the first hint and watch as they explore throughout the house. As for the “treasure”, you can treat your kids with a small toy, an outing of their choice, a dish/snack of their choice or something else they’d love.

Indoor Obstacle Course — Kids got some pent up energy? Grab some electrical tape and get the wiggles out by setting up an indoor obstacle course

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