Fujairah Adventures Park

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If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and views of rocky mountains sides sounds like your family's cup of tea, then head down to the reopened Fujairah Adventures park!

The park has introduced a series of activities to lure in adventure enthusiasts and families alike. For the adrenaline junkies there's the dirt jumps. UAE residents can rent out cycles and practice their jumps on a series of four mud or wooden trails. The beginner jumps are towards the right, while more intermediate ones are in the middle and the tougher ones are towards the left. The Park has also introduced the Flow Gravity Trails for mountain bikers looking for a challenge along with views of the rocky mountains. There are three stages – green for beginners, blue for skilled cyclists and black diamond which is best for professionals or those experienced with steep climbs and descents.

For those not in the mood for cycling, but still keen on making the most of Fujairah’s natural beauty, there are six hiking trails that start from Fujairah Adventure Park and go around the mountainous area, for varying skill levels and timings. The park is also home to a climbing wall and a children’s play area for skilled young cyclists. Also on offer are marine activities including kayaking, coral reef exploration, diving, snorkeling, and surfing. You can also go parasailing or fly in fixed-wing airplanes! And of course what's adventuring without the classic desert fun of sand-boarding and safari adventures?

Other facilities include washrooms, a bike rental, a first aid room and a coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. And stay tuned for the upcoming opening of the outdoor cinema, mountain pods for overnight stays, barbecue and camping spots for families, and even more fun activities for the kiddos.


Fujairah Adventures Park - Prices and Offers

Park Entry

Per vehicle

AED 10

Per person (walk-ins)


Balance Bike Per hous

AED 15

BMX Bike Per hour

AED 25

All Day Bike Rental

AED 100

Fujairah Adventures Park Location

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