The 50th National Day Celebration at Hatta Dam

Kidzapp Dec 4-12, Daily 16:25 to 18:05 Kidzapp Kidzapp Hatta Dam, Other

Get ready for a mesmerizing open-air experience at Hatta Dam.

The Official 50th UAE National Day Celebration will mark the country's Golden Jubilee through a spectacular show that highlights the deep connections between people, nature, and technology.

Staged in Hatta Dam, and surrounded by the Hajar mountains, the floating theatrical experience will take you and your family on a journey through the land’s history in the lead-up to the inception of the union and across the 50 years that followed.

Through unparalleled creative and artistic storytelling, the show will also shed light on the achievements of today and offer a unique glimpse into the promising future that awaits everyone who calls the UAE home.

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