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Adventure Park by Emaar


Adventure Park, Dubai Hills Mall


Head over to the awesome newly opened Adventure Park by Emaar - enjoy unstoppable fun at this state-of-the-art playland haven for ...

Head over to the awesome newly opened Adventure Park by Emaar - enjoy unstoppable fun at this state-of-the-art playland haven for the entire family located at the conveniently approachable Dubai Hills Mall.

Your little ones can tire themselves out at eleven different play areas., eleven unique experiences for the whole family to enjoy. From augmented-reality Cyber Wall Climbing, a dedicated Jump Park to futuristic obstacle race Power Park, Cave Maze and Slide n' Fly, there's something for everyone.


**The Playground**
Younger kids can have fun just engaging in free play that challenges them to explore, learn and interact with others. They will enjoy multilevel slides, a massive ball pit, and high-quality bright structures. With much room for fun-in-motion activities, children will get the most out of their play-time.

- Minimum Height: 95cm
- Maximum height: 140cm

**Power Park**
The A-Team is back with a futuristic twist! Enjoy great times with your friends at this custom-built attraction that boasts a pressure-sensitive floor and elevated obstacles. Navigate the obstacles to identify and switch off randomly illuminated lights in the surrounding areas to get the best score.

- Minimum Height: 100cm
- Duration: 4 minutes of gameplay

**The Cave Maze**
Step inside this massive cave labyrinth consisting of separate caving tunnels, each colour coded with varying difficulty levels. Bring out your inner explorer and learn how to move around the caves with their twists, turns, dips, bumps and rocks

- Minimum Height: 90cm
- Duration: 10-15 minutes

**Sky Park**
Learn how to climb like a pro and perfect your balancing skills on this challenging rope course. Wearing a safety harness and a sling line secured in the overhead track, you will embark on an exciting adventure through an array of exciting obstacles. This course offers many challenges with varying degrees of difficulty.

- Minimum Height: 135cm
- Maximum weight: 120kg
- Duration: 15-20 minutes

**Slide n Fly**
Slide. Fly. Repeat! Slide’n’Fly is an indoor playground with slides made from durable materials that bear sliders’ weight and keep them safe. Take the ride on a ‘doughnut’ slide that will hurl you through space from a tower platform, ‘fly’ up and land into a huge airbag!

- Minimum Height: 125cm
- Duration: 2 minutes in total

**Jump Park**
If you love to jump, the trampoline area is the place to be. Come and hop away at the Jump Park with its trampolines, interactive wall game, removable obstacles and foam box. Bouncing on a trampoline is the best stimulation for your brain and body to work in sync to maintain balance and coordination, thus enhancing your motor skills.

- Maximum Weight: 120kg
- Duration: 3 minutes for Valo Jump

**Ninja Park**
The physical implications and improved health benefits of the double-height fitness challenge are many! For aspiring little warriors, this challenging course is built to help hone your essential Ninja skills: agility, strength, balance and coordination.

- Minimum Height: 110cm
- Maximum Weight: 130kg

**Climbing Walls**
Climb to your heart’s content with this indoor climbing experience that’s a part full-body workout, part personal challenge. The Climbing Walls offer a welcoming challenge to visitors of all ages at different fitness levels, from beginner to advance.

- Minimum Height: 100cm
- Minimum Weight: 15kg
- Maximum Weight: 125kg
- Duration: The estimated time required to scale one wall is 2-3 minutes depending on ability

**Cyber Walls**
Exercising becomes much more exciting with this futuristic augmented climbing activity. Cyber Wall uses a smart combination of depth sensors, an advanced projector and proprietary computer vision technology to deliver highly-interactive augmented reality experiences controlled entirely by player motion. The ceiling projectors give an automatic game platform onto the climbing walls. Welcome to the future!

- Minimum Height: 100cm
- Duration: 1-3 minutes per game

**Sky Park Junior**
The little ones will go crazy with all the activities that this playground has to offer! Designed to develop children’s athletic and motor skills, the Sky Park Junior has various rope competitions raised to a small height from the ground and do not require safety equipment. Children can enjoy a unique set of exercises, challenges and experiences while burning off extra energy.

- Minimum Height: 95cm
- Maximum Height: 135cm
- Duration: 12-15 minutes

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