Musical Fashion Runway and Talent Show – Season 2


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Funtastic Family's Musical Fashion Runway and Talent Show is back for Season 2, and it's better than ever.

This year, people of ALL ages are invited to participate, and no age limit will be imposed. In addition, acknowledging that every person has been blessed with different abilities & talents, ANY talent that can be performed on stage will be showcased.

Auditions will be held at Modesh World on August 13 & 14 with the Final on August 20th. The Fashion Show will be on the 21st of August.

Winners get the following titles:

Little Icon(s) - 7yrs & under
Junior Icon(s) - 8yrs to 12yrs
Teen Icon(s) - 13yrs to 17yrs
Star Icon(s) - 17yrs+



**Dance Competition**

- Each entry will be placed into one of the age groups below, based on their average age as of January 1 of the competing year. Average age is calculated by adding the ages of all performers, and dividing by the number of performers. When calculating averages, drop the decimal.

Age Groups
- 7yrs & under
- 8-12 yrs
- 13-17yrs
- 17yrs+

- No more than 50% of the dancers can be higher than the average age or the group will be moved to the next age group. So if a group has an average age of 10 and there are 16 dancers, but 9 are above the age of 13, the group will be moved to the 13-17 categories.

- Size-division: All routines will be classified as one of the following size divisions -Solo (1 performer), Duo-Trip (2-3 performers), Group (4+). Time limit for performances based on size: Solo (2.45 minutes), Duo-Trip (3 minutes), Group (4 minutes).

Productions may combine all ages and abilities, and may be a combination of dance styles but should revolve around a storyline or theme. Productions may enter and will compete against one another in combined designated age groups; 12 & Under (combines Mini & Junior age groups), and 13 & Over (combines Teen, and Adult age groups). Productions may not compete in the novice level, only in the intermediate & competitive levels.

**Singing Competition**

Singers of all levels compete against one another in two age groups: 12 & under, 13 & Over. Vocal entries can be registered as soloists, duo/trio, and all groups combined. Singers can choose from English, Hindi and Arabic.

**Playing Instruments**

Instruments: Piano, Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass), Guitar, Lute, Woodwind, Brass, Harp, Accordion, Harmonica, Voice, Harpsichord, Organ, Percussion, Bagpipe, Traditional Musical Instruments and others.

Participants have to get their own Musical Instrument (except piano) and have to be checked and synchronized with the Technical team a day prior to the performances.

Entry types: Solo, Duo and Group and participants of each category will be placed in the appropriate age group(s): Mini (7yrs & under), Junior (8-12yrs), Teen (13-17yrs), Adult (17yrs+) as mentioned previously.


- Entry fees are non-refundable.

- Gift certificates for future competitions will be issued only with written documentation of injury or illness, and gift certificates will be issued directly to the participant.

- Day-of cancellations due to injured dancers will not be issued credits.


1) Click the BOOK NOW button on this page

2) Select which round you would like to register for (Fashion or Talent).

3) Enter participant's NAME, AGE, NUMBER, EMAIL, TALENT & ENTRY TYPE (solo/duo/group) in the "Special Request" Box

4) Once you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions, click SUBMIT to be taken to the payment page

5) Confirm and pay booking

6) Contact venue to confirm registration


Musical Fashion Runway and Talent Show – Season 2 - Prices and Offers

Registration Fees

Fashion Show Registration Per person

AED 250

Talent Show Registration


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