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Kidzapp Jul 25-29, Mon-Fri 10:00 to 13:00 Kidzapp

Sign up your little designers to the awesome Designer Camp by Shiin! Your kids will cultivate their unique creativity and discover the many career opportunities for their future.


1) Eco-Fashion - Fashion Design
The world of fashion is advancing at full speed and is one of the great pioneers in seeking alternatives with which to continue enjoying clothes without destroying the planet along the way. In this workshop, participants will discover the fashion world from an eco-friendly perspective. They will use their imagination to create clothing items out of unusual items like paper, cardboard, plastic and magazines.

2) Sun Catchers (Color Theory - Color Opacity)- Art & Design
In this workshop, participants will make colorful sun catchers to bring a joyful ambiance to their living space. They will learn about the color theory in a fun hands-on session.

3) Summer Entrepreneurs- Summer Business Session
Make a difference through leadership and innovation! In this session, we will encourage participants to embrace their entrepreneurial spirits from an early age. We are all born with gifts and talents. What we love to do as kids can hold the key to our future career path and this is what we will be exploring in this experiential session.

4) Themed Typography- Graphic Design
In this workshop, participants will choose a theme and design a typeface accordingly. They will then scan and upload their work digitally and write proudly with their unique fonts.

5) Concrete Tiles - Interior Design/ Physical Modeling
In this workshop, participants will learn about concrete construction and discover concrete as a modeling medium. They will design molds and create organic or geometric concrete tile patterns that they can use to decorate their walls.


5 Days


Date: Jul 25-29
Timings: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 13:00


Shiin is a branch of Sharabassy, an innovative research-based design studio that aims to empower learners and transform the learning process into a fun and memorable experience. Shiin uses state-of-the-art educational tools and technologies to guarantee innovation in its workshops.

They offer a wide range of design topics through workshops, courses and certified training.


Designer Camp by Shiin - Prices and Offers

5-Day Camp per child

AED 1,250 AED 850
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