NBA Basketball School

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Enroll your little ones in a year-long NBA Basketball School where your boys and girls will experience weekly on court training, strength and conditioning, and overall basketball education. Their approach is based on “the NBA way” of developing players in a structured program and environment focused on skill development and promoting positive values such as integrity, teamwork, respect and determination.

Training is also available at Jumeira Baccalaureate School

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--U10-- ---
Term 1 AED 3,640
Term 2 AED 3,380
Term 3 AED 3,120
Full Season AED 9,400
--U10 Elite --
Term 1 ---
Term 2 AED 4,380
Term 3 AED 4,070
Full Season AED 3,760
--U12-U18-- AED 10,670
Term 1
Term 2 --
Term 3 AED 5,320
Full Season AED 4,940
--U12-U18 Elite-- AED 4,560
Term 1 AED 12,500
Term 2
Term 3 --
Full Season AED 6,160

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