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Give your little ones the tools to be great swimmers with CSA's swim program that's built on four levels - Learn, Enjoy, Motivate and Compete. The step-by-step program provides your child with a safe swimming environment and classes that are fun and easy to learn.

Classes are small and last 30-45 min depending on the level:
- Stages 1-3 last 30 min and have a maximum of 4 swimmers per session.
- Stages 4-6 last 45 min and have a maximum of 6 swimmers per session.

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--First Term-- ---
1x week AED 1,765
2x week AED 3,310
3x week AED 4,630
4x week AED 5,735
--Second Term-- ---
1x week AED 1,430
2x week AED 2,680
3x week AED 3,750
4x week AED 4,640

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