The Adventures of Paddington

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Everyone's favourite marmalade-loving bear is back! Enjoy the best family weekend experience and join Paddington Bear on his latest adventure, as he meets old, new and furry friends. Expect lots of laughter, fun adventures and of course, some sticky mishaps along the way!

The Adventures of Paddington will be in cinemas across the GCC on November 24, 2022.


The Adventures of Paddington offers heart-warming stories from a very rare sort of Peruvian bear.

Paddington is still as curious and kind as always, and being part of a loving family and community remain central to the show. It’s still the Paddington you know and love, but the expanding world and new characters provide endless opportunities and new stories to tell.


Paddington: Ben Whishaw
Jonathan: Bobby Beynon
Judy: Angeli Wall
Directed by: Chris Drew & Jez Hall


Movie Duration: 85 minutes


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