Clarion School

  • Ages 4-16
Kidzapp Sun-Thu 07:30 to 16:00 Kidzapp Clarion School, Al Quoz, Barsha Kidzapp

Recognized as one of the best American schools in the UAE, Clarion is a progressive American education that is redefining educational excellence in a program that deeply engages your child in deep and intentional learning. Clarion delivers a program that is rich, rigorous and relevant to supporting children to be future ready.

Aligned to meet the highest tier of US Standards, Clarion School offers learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging and challenging and taught by highly qualified Master Educators.

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Pre-K AED 43,000/yr
KG1 AED 55,000/yr
KG2 AED 64,500/yr
Grade 1 AED 76,500/yr
Grade 2 AED 76,500/yr
Grade 3 AED 76,500/yr
Grade 4 AED 76,500/yr
Grade 5 AED 76,500/yr
Grade 6 AED 76,500/yr

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