DIY Moroccan Wall Art

  • Fun At Home
  • Ages 5-16
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Make beautiful art using simple geometric shapes. Teens will be very precise with this activity, but even your little ones can create cool designs to hang up.


Foam half sheets

--STEP 1--

Cut out a simple square and draw four triangles on each side and you have your very own Moroccan Stencil Ready.

--STEP 2--

Trace out six of the Moroccan Design onto the Cardstock one on pink and the other on purple and glue three of the big ones in the middle. You will have to cut two of the pattern you have in half for it to fit the side of the frame, and one of the patterns has to be cut into four equal parts so they can fit into the corners of the frame.

--STEP 3--

Let dry and hang!


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