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Baby Bazaar is the only dedicated market in Dubai for parents who are looking to buy & sell kiddos' pre-loved items. Click MORE for further details.

Let's face it, having kids is expensive and the items they need at every stage in life can easily seem endless and ever-changing. At the same time, kiddos grow up fast, and with that they end up outgrowing their items and gadgets just as fast. Parents as a result end up with so much clutter around the house and it can all be very overwhelming. So what's better than having the chance to sell all the pre-loved items that no longer serve your kiddos? This way other families can actually benefit from these items rather than having them gather dust and take up space around your house.

Baby Bazaar offers just that; it gives you the opportunity to sell your pre-loved items to the right target buyer: other parents. At the same time, you have the chance to shop for incredible quality pre-loved items from other families without the huge price tag of brand new items.

Baby Bazaar was started back in 2012, and 10 years later, it remains a great event for parents to come and shop for all things for children: toys, books, clothes, push chairs and so much more. All the sellers bring fantastic quality items, which have been cherished but are now ready to go to a new home. Every market brings different sellers, selling different items so you can come and browse at every market to stock up.

Baby Bazaar markets are held every 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month in Times Square Center Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, other than during the holidays when they operate a slightly reduced schedule. See dates below.

2023 DATES

Sunday 19th February
Saturday 4th March
Sunday 19th March
Saturday 1st April
Sunday 16th April
Saturday 6th May
Sunday 21st May
Saturday 3rd June
Sunday 18th June
Saturday 1st July
Sunday 16th July
Saturday 5th August
Saturday 2nd September
Sunday 17th September
Saturday 7th October
Sunday 22nd October
Saturday 4th November
Sunday 19th November
Saturday 2nd December
Sunday 17th December


If you're looking to join Baby Bazaar as a seller, click 'BOOK NOW' to book your seller's table!


Baby Bazaar - Prices and Offers

Seller's Table
AED 295 +VAT

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