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Pamper your little ones to the max at Mollycoddle Baby Spa - the perfect cuddle of tender love! Let your babies enjoy some baby massages, manicure, pedicure, hydrotherapy treatments and much more!

Hydrotherapy treatment and baby massage at Mollycoddle Baby Spa will help your baby in so many ways: improves sleep, enhances appetite, improves digestion, and relieves gas, colic and constipation.


Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic whole-body treatment in which newborns gently float in water with the assistance of an inflatable flotation gear placed around their neck and designed to support the baby’s lower jaw and base of the head while allowing the rest of their body parts to move freely.

This therapy session aids in the acceptance and support of different mental and physical improvements in your baby’s capacity to to move with control, allowing them to grow stronger. This floating technique aids in confidence growth by allowing your infant to flourish and survive in any aquatic environment at their own speed.


Hydrotherapy & Massage: we suggest to swaddle wrap the baby feed after the massage and be sure not to feed 30min prior to the session


Mollycoddle Baby Spa - Prices and Offers

Hair Services

Haircut Short - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 50 AED 40

Haircut Medium - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 60 AED 48

Haircut Long - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 70 AED 56

Hair Tattoo Short - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 20 AED 16

Hair Tattoo Medium - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 30 AED 24

Hair Tattoo Long - (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 40 AED 32
Spa Services

Mani + Pedi (0-15yrs) (0-15yrs)

AED 100 AED 80

Manicure (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 50 AED 40

Pedicure (0-15yrs) Per child

AED 70 AED 56

Hydrotherapy & Massage (0-2yrs) Per child

AED 300 AED 240

Baby Hydrotherapy (0-2yrs) Per child

AED 200 AED 160

Baby Massage (0-2yrs) Per child

AED 150 AED 120
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