Loginn Electronic Games Arcade


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Take your little gamers to Loginn for the ultimate gaming experience. Click MORE to discover all about this awesome electronic games arcade.


- 1400 sq. ft. of playing area

- 35 high tech stations with state-of-the-art gaming equipment

- Computers equipped for the utmost gaming experience with intel core i9, ASUS Z590 SERIES mother board, 32 GB DDR4 RAM Kingston HyperX, ASUS RTX 3070 Ti

- PlayStation 5 with Cougar couch gaming for a comfortable ride with unparalleled Comfort: Recliner system 95°~160, headrest & Lumbar Design, breathable Premium PVC Leather, diamond Check Pattern Design

- Three main gaming areas: Standard Computer Area (15 computer stations), VIP Lounge Area (6 computer stations) & Play Station 5 Area (6 PS5 consoles).

- Friendly environment where players can play together or challenge each other

- Service area that offers plenty of snacks and refreshments.


- Boosts reading skills
- Enhances visual-spatial skills
- Improves problem-solving skills
- Encourages persistance
- Mental health benefits
- Boosts social and collaborative skills


The electronic games arcade was founded by parents of two children who understand the toll that two years of lockdown has had on families. Their concept is to encourage kids with similar interests to socialise and boost their cognitive skills. It is a concept born in a community full of life and youth starving for something new.


Loginn Electronic Games Arcade - Prices and Offers

Buy 1hr Standard Computer Area Access, Get 1hr FREE

(Incl. 20% discount on food items)

2-hrs Standard Computer Area Per child

AED 50 AED 25
Buy 1hr VIP Lounge Access, Get 1hr FREE

(Incl. 20% discount on food items)

2-hrs VIP Lounge Per child

AED 60 AED 30
Buy 1hr PS5 Area Access, Get 1hr FREE

(Incl. 20% discount on food items)

2-hrs PS5 Area Per child

AED 70 AED 35
Weekend Day Pass (Sat-Sun)

(up to 10-hrs play)

Weekend Day Pass Per child

AED 100
Weekday Day Pass (Mon-Fri)

(up to 10-hrs play)

Weekday Day Pass Per child

AED 50
Weekday Play Bundle (Mon-Fri)

(2-hrs play + popcorn + slushy)

Weekday Play Bundle Per child

AED 50
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Buy 1 Hour Access, get 1 Hour FREE + 20% discount on Food!

Loginn Electronic Games Arcade Location

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