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Experience escape rooms like never before at Entermission: the only virtual reality escape room games in Dubai! Click MORE for details.


- Combines elements of escape rooms with the immersion and excitement of virtual reality

- A truly unique and exhilarating experience that includes thrilling adventures like flying through a space station, trying to escape an explosion, or floating through the twisted mind of a madman

- Games are either 45 or 60 minutes long

- There are two rooms: Roaming Room and Seated Room. You will be roaming around the room and solving immersive puzzles with your family and friends at the Roaming Room, while at the Seated Room you will be seated while experiencing different escape games.


You and your pirate crew have fallen victim to a curse and transformed into fishmen! The only cure is locked deep within an island temple — but time is running out.

During a walk in the park, you found a portal that leads to the mysterious world. An amazing sanctuary populated by animals appears in front of you. But how do you get back? To find the way home, you have to solve a series of puzzles and explore the mysterious world of flying islands.

Your colleague, Dr. Hessenberg, has stolen the world’s first time machine and used it to send you and all his teammates back in time to be eaten by dinosaurs. Find a way back to the present and stop him before something catastrophic happens!

And many more games including:

- Alice
- Chernobyl
- Christmas (available in July and December only)
- Cyberpunk
- Depths of Osiris
- Dragon Tower
- House of Fear
- Laserbots
- Manor of Escape
- Mission Sigma
- Sanctum
- Signal Lost
- Space Station Tiberia
- Survival
- The Prison

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Entermission Virtual Reality Escape Rooms - Prices and Offers

VR Game Room Sessions

45-min Game Per person

AED 120 AED 102

60-min Game Per person

AED 165 AED 140.25
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