Battle Park

Kidzapp Daily 15:00 to 23:00 Kidzapp Kidzapp Town Square, Other

Calling all adrenaline junkies and pro-gamers! it's time to put the headphones and keyboards away and head to action's new address: Battle Park.

You and the kids will immerse yourselves in real-time action scenarios, battling for the win under immense pressure and using only the latest high-tech equipment. You can choose to play IBATTLE or PAINTBALL. Got a budding gamer on your hands?Book their next birthday Battle Park for a celebration to remember!

Enjoy an adrenaline-infused play using a unique signal technology that has an outstanding 100% accurate connectivity and communication between players at once with multiple game modes.
- Infantry: 1 Session, 1 Mode, 15mins
- Captain: 2 Sessions, 2 Modes, 30mins
- Ranger: 3 Sessions, 3 Modes, 45min

Players are divided into teams, and the goal is shoot, to eliminate using paintball marker/guns. Each team will be assigned a captain and their objective will be capturing the other team’s flag. Before the game, all players must be briefed on the rules and regulations. Dress in the appropriate protection gear and receive instructions on the correct and safe usage of the guns.
Games modes: Infantry, Ranger, and Commando


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AED 75


AED 120


AED 150

1 Game

AED 85

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