Valentine Dinosaur

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What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? This Valentine's Day give these favorites a roar-some makeover using foam hearts!


Large Craft Foam Hearts – one makes TWO dinosaurs
Colored Cardstock
School Glue
Basic Craft Scissors
Small Wiggle Eyes – one per dinosaur craft
Small Heart Stickers
Optional – embellishments like holiday stickers, glitter glue, rhinestones etc.

--STEP 1--

First have the kids cut their craft heart in half. Straight up the center to make TWO equal sized dinosaur bodies.

--STEP 2--

Next grab your cardstock and scissors. Make several white (or any other color) triangular spikes for along the curved back, as well as cutting out rectangular legs and a head from the remaining cardstock.

--Step 3--

Have the kids glue their cardstock pieces in place (preferably on the back of their craft for a seamless look in the front) as well as adding other embellishments they see fit (like glitter, heart stickers and wiggle eyes) before displaying proudly!

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