Valentine Balloon Craft

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Create a personalized Valentine using your kiddo's picture! This fun craft is part painting part photograph, and you and the kids will have a blast making them.


Paper Roll – either a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll will work
Paint – red or pink paint.
Photo – you’ll need to take a picture of your child pretending to hold balloons. Then print off the photo. You can print from your computer using photo paper. You can also print a photo on white cardstock.
White Cardstock
Ultra fine point sharpie or black pen
Glue stick

--STEP 1--

First, take a picture of your child pretending to hold a balloon, and print it out

--STEP 2--

Glue the picture to a piece of white cardstock.

--STEP 3--

Take a paper roll and fold it into the shape of a heart. Once folded, it should stay in place. If you find the paper roll starting to unbend you can use an elastic to keep it in place.

--STEP 4--

Stamp the paper roll into red or pink acrylic paint and then stamp onto your white cardstock to make heart shapes. You can also use fingerprints to make fingerprint hearts, heart stickers or draw your own heart balloons.

--STEP 5--

Add enough to make it look like a bunch of balloons.

--STEP 6--

Using an ultra fine point sharpie or black pen, draw lines from the heart balloons to the hand. You do not need to draw a line for every balloon. For some of the top ones you can just draw a little line down to the next balloon. Write a note and give it to a friend or loved one!

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